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Why Work with a Personal Trainer in Chicago?
Bye-Bye Back Fat- Banish BRA BULGE With This Workout
Bye-Bye Back Fat- Banish BRA BULGE With This Workout
Exercise Benefits
ANOTHER REASON THE SCALE SUCKS – Your weight may be “average”… but you could still be OBESE!
ANOTHER REASON THE SCALE SUCKS – Your weight may be “average”… but you could still be OBESE!
Beginner Friendly 15 Minute Lower Body Blast (Bodyweight Only) 
Beginner Friendly 15 Minute Lower Body Blast (Bodyweight Only) 
Damage Control: 3 Hangover Workouts 
Damage Control: 3 Hangover Workouts 
6-Minute Home Ab Workout (Yes, that is all the time you need)
6-Minute Home Ab Workout (Yes, that is all the time you need)
The UNKNOWN MUSCLE That Gives You Sculpted Abs
The UNKNOWN MUSCLE That Gives You Sculpted Abs
The 5 Best Deadlift Variations for Beginners (FORM EXPLAINED!)
The 5 Best Deadlift Variations for Beginners (FORM EXPLAINED!)
5 Foods Scientists Say Can Boost Testosterone
5 Foods Scientists Say Can Boost Testosterone
15 Best At Home HIIT Exercises
15 Best At Home HIIT Exercises
3 Reasons To Start Taking Turmeric Everyday 
3 Reasons To Start Taking Turmeric Everyday 
A Simple Technique That Can Take Inches Off Your Waist  (In Just A Few Weeks)
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Tennis is a Social Distancing Sport
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In the Loop with LSF – Lincoln Park 7/22/20
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In the Loop with LSF – Illinois Center 7/7/20
A Match Made in Health
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